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  • Concrete Mixing Project

    Concrete Mixing Project

    Dirty, messy and poor are the images of concrete mixing plant in people’s impression. The pollution problem of traditional mixing plant disturbs local government. To change this situation and response to the severe market, SOUTH Company is going to establish environment-friendly mixing plant.This mixing plant is environment-friendly and neat, orderly in production and has a plant environment without pollution; it overturns the image of mixing plant. With environment-friendly equipments of SOUTH, SOUTH establishes the benchmark of environment-friendly mixing plant and leads a green revolution in local commercial concrete industry.As the high-end concrete mixing equipment manufacturer, NFLG with its experience on mixing plant design and construction for overall design and plan to establish a scale plant-type environment-friendly concrete mixing plant, as to face the new the tide at a higher start in industry development.

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  • Asphalt Batching Project

    Asphalt Batching Project

    With the enhancement of environmental protection in the production process and strict control of atmospheric emission , the environment issues in the asphalt mixture production have become the principal events of producing enterprises. Burners of all asphalt mixing plants in SOUTH adopt natural gases which can avoid gas pollution issues with burning oil just like ordinary factories.Besides, severe pollution, heavy burden on dust collection system and high replacing frequency of bag filter with burning oil outweigh the advantage of low production expense. Natural gas has advantages on environmental protection as clean energy which are never discharging harmful fume, prolonging the service life of bag filter and descending environmental costs.

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  • Dry Mortar Mixing Project

    Dry Mortar Mixing Project

    As a professional mixing equipment manufacturer, SOUTH is the first one to engage in dry-mixed mortar production equipment. With 15 years of experience, SOUTH has won recognitions from many domestic and foreign dry-mixed mortar manufacturers, especially from famous international mortar magnates. Most production equipment in China is from SOUTH.Special Mortar, Jewel of Dry-mixed Mortar.According to stringent requirements on mortar production processes, SOUTH overcomes difficulties in mortar production with two decades of experience on mixing equipment production and the most mature technology thereof in the world and prepares reasonable equipment processes aiming at features of special mortar production, becoming the ideal option of special mortar manufacturer.

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  • Sand Making Projects

    Sand Making Projects

    With the high-efficient and environmental-friendly industry as the development objective, SOUTH adopts the environmental-friendly complete V7 dry-type machine-made equipment of NFLG to produce the high-quality competitive machine-made sand. Due to the advantages such as the continuous grading, rounded particle shape and controllable powder content and the like, the machine-made sand quality surpasses that of the ordinary river sand and will drive the quality improvement of the sand used in the intra-industry construction, having a great significance in improving the domestic engineering quality, protecting ecological environment and leading quality benign development of the sand making market.As a matter of fact, the quality of the machine-made sand can satisfy the requirements of the high-quality construction just by adopting the advanced sand making process and equipment to produce the machine-made sand with the characteristics of continuous grading and rounded particle shape. The current sand making technology has enabled the high-quality machine-made sand reach the stable quality, satisfying the sand requirements of different construction engineering.

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